Arrangement in a Vase

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Let's be honest.  Sometimes, you don't want to fuss with arranging your own flowers.  This comes already designed for you in a simple clear glass vase. This arrangement is a 180 degree design. 

Your flowers will last longer if you keep them cool and away from direct heat (no heaters or sunny windows). 

Remember most of your flowers are local blooms.  While they have not traveled continents to get to you, they have not been grown with an ultra long vase life in mind.  Some of the blooms are more delicate than others. Especially the tulips will blow open and back over the course of the next few days.  Enjoy them in all their stages of blooming! And when a bloom is spent just pluck it out and continue to enjoy the rest of your arrangement. Be sure to also refresh the water.  If you can empty out the old water and give them cold, fresh water every day or few days, they will last longer. 

We will select the very best blooms we can find this week for you to enjoy.  They will look similar to the picture, but may not be exact.