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A Note from Allium Design

For the last fourteen years, our Bethlehem-based business, Allium Floral Design, was only for clients who were planning weddings and special events. We've long had our Lehigh Valley clients plead with us to do anniversary, birthday, even EVERYDAY flowers. Fast forward to 2020. A certain global pandemic found us with lots of gorgeous blooms and close to a hundred rescheduled weddings. So, we tentatively put it out there that we would create a some arrangements for friends and family. Word spread. We added subscriptions. Weddings came back and so we dove back in, but found ourselves missing the simple joy flowers brought to so many people. So we added our wonderful studio manager, Caroline to our team. She is devoted to our mission to bring beautiful, different and exceptional arrangements to the Lehigh Valley. We don't do ordinary. It's just not in us. We want to share blooms and greenery with you that you can't find in the grocery store. These flowers are truly special and I promise you, whoever you send them to, will not stop talking about them! So, who in your life needs a floral pick-me-up? Your mother? Your friend? Your partner? Shhhhh....maybe it's even you!

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One of Our Flower Farmer Favorites-Flores Temporis