Self-Care Trays

Work, remote school, family, pandemic, politics, social media....does it ever just feel like a train running faster and faster until..... 

What if for a few brief moments you could shut all that noise out? Feel transported with a cup of soothing tea. Gain some quiet clarity in your shower with purifying eucalyptus mint steam.  Gently massage your raw hands with a rich milk and honey moisturizer.  We all need a break sometimes, and these trays offer just a moment of tranquility. 

It all starts with a beautiful natural wood tray.  Select the items you want to add into it.  Please note, trays must include at least $75 of product for us to deliver.  

Some of our clients like to order a pre-curated tray.  Those are also available for purchase. We like to refresh our inventory every now and again, so if we aren't able to fulfill all the items as pictured, we will let you know what lovely comparable substitution we will make. 

We deliver Wednesday through Saturday, weekly.  We take orders for the following delivery day.  For example, you can place an order prior to 2pm on Wednesday for Thursday delivery.  Or you could place an order on Saturday for Wednesday delivery. 

2PM is our order cut off each day.  Trays ordered after 2pm will be delivered two days later.  For example, if you order at 5pm on Thursday, we won't be able to deliver your flowers until Saturday. 

We realize this may be a little unusual, as people are used to ordering for same day delivery, but we PROMISE, a little planning ahead will make ordering easy for you. 

IN THE DELIVERY NOTES SECTION OF THE ORDER, please add your message for the recipient and THEIR phone number.  We never want to drop flowers off on a porch to freeze or roast and we contact the recipient to confirm that they are home for their delivery window. If you have multiple orders, deliveries further than 12 miles from our studio or additional questions, please feel free to call us directly at 978.884.7712 and we can set up a custom order for you. 

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